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    I am a 21 year old man living in Springfield MO. The current status of the world as a whole has me worried and interested in becoming a prepper. My father already has his house setup up but I want to get supplies that can help his effort and allow my mother,sister, and nephew to get to his house where we will weather whatever comes together. Basically im looking for advice on anything and everything. I have some equipment but not nearly enough. Any advice and tips would be very much appreciated.



    If your Dad already has things set up, talk to him about what he still needs. If he has “everything” start looking at the “luxury” stuff – radios, lanterns, flashlights, walkie-talkies, etc.

    For yourself, a very good go-bag, since you have to make it there. Even if you’re home or work is close, assume you might have to walk, and plan accordingly. Check out maps so you know several ways to your Dad’s place. Start practice driving different routes so you know them well. Try timing how long it takes to grab your mom, sister,and nephew along the way.

    Get some buckets and gamma lids (they are expensive) for your Dad’s place and help him fill them with whatever he thinks the family needs.



    Thanks!Honestly never would have thought of gamma lids. Thanks for the advice.

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