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    Greetings My Fine Fellow Americans”

    I hope all is finding you and yours well with full bellies.

    I’ve been reading again about this up-coming currency change in the IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) which the US dollar is the World Reserve Currency. But that’s about to change in October with the replacement of the US dollar for the SDR of IMF. Now you may not know what the SDR is, but it is what all countries use to do business globally. Presently the US, China, Great Britain are the top currencies used in trade, being that the US dollar is the top means of purchase power. All that is about to change, mainly here in the US. The American dollar will lose its value (Greatly Devalued ), Stocks, Bonds, and other holdings will go belly up after this change. Bank accounts will, you guested it disappear, Mortgages will increase almost over night and those of us depending on SS, look out. Start looking for a job.

    Also the IMF is wanting the world market to devalue Gold, because they feel that Americans will move all their monies to precious Metals. Now if that not a kick in the old pants. So brace yourselves for a hard ride because its going to be bumpy.

    Just saying 😮

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