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    Regarding advertising for multi-level and network marketing businesses.

    We have started receiving a high volume (several requests per week) of people wishing to link to, advertise, and even pay for sponsorship to market for Myefoods.com

    So far everyone who’s requested to sponsor us for this business has been well intentioned and even willing to contribute to the forum, However, due to the nature of this type of business model we have decided to make it a policy to not allow advertising for them or similar types of businesses. I have visited the site, and while I do believe they are a legitimate business opportunity that offers a product of great value to preppers, we can’t allow advertising for them. Not only would our forum eventually be flooded on every page with their ads, we also can’t allow a situation that would create heartache as our members would be in competition with each other to sponsor fellow forum members into their downlines.

    Imagine owning a Mcdonalds Franchise in a downtown area. Now imagine every single store in that downtown area is also a Mcdonalds, all owned by different franchise owners. Now imagine there are not enough customers to fill all of those Mcdonalds. No one benefits…not the owners as there is not enough business from the customers to go around for each of them, Not the landlords because the franchise owners will realize they have to move on to some place else thus leaving vacant buildings,

    I have given this a lot of thought. With over 3400 members on our forum, over 4000 email addresses in my address lists, and a high profile on the web, I could join a business like this and make a good living at it and call it quits to my truck driving job (believe me, I’ve been wanting to get out of trucking for a very long time). But this is a matter of principal by protecting ourselves from a flood of ads that could eventually be detrimental to our forum. I hope everyone can understand this policy.

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