Include Trapping in your Preparedness Planning Eforts

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    Food storage, self defense, hunting, fishing, gardening… are core skills to the well rounded Prepper. Trapping should also be included as a core competency for the modern day Prepper/Survivalist. Trapping provides an efficient method to gathering game. It provides the individual with a means of food acquisition, fur for clothing, trade or barter, and additional security measures. While composition of starter sets vary, all recommendations recommend a mix of traps for a myriad of prey. This link is to a “Trapping Starter Kit Discussion” on “Trapping Today”

    One of my favorite resources is “Fur, Fish & Game” (FFG) Magazine I have been reading this magazine for over 35 years. Started in 1925, FFG is known as the magazine for Practical Outdoorsmen, and includes reader submissions on projects and ideas, as well. Features and regular columns are

      “Fish & Tackle”
      “Fur Market Report”
      “Predator Hunting”
      “The Gun Rack”
      “I Knew That!” (useful tips and ideas supplied by readers)
      “New Products”
      “News and Notes”
      “The Question Box”
      “The Trapline”

    Good Luck and Keep on Learning!

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