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    I’m not overly worried about this but hubby and I have been chatting. We’ve noticed our new front and back yard is super dark at night. Most of the time we love this idea, better to see the auroras overhead. But we’ve also thought it would be first, nice to have a bit of extra light out there that isn’t attached to our house, maybe powered by solar. And second, if/when the shtf it would be nice to see out in our yard to see what is out there.

    I’ve done quite a bit of work to make it super hard for someone to look into our house at night and actually see if anyone is in that room and what not. In fact from afar one can’t see any lights at all when curtains are closed and so on.

    So here is the quandary, we live in interior Alaska. We get temps down in the -20s, -30s, -40s and so on. Our sun is very low on the horizon come December. Recharging a solar light becomes a bit more challenging.
    How would one illuminate a large yard with someone not attached to the grid? Without a whole lot of direct sunshine, with extreme cold temps that drain batteries??


    I haven’t experienced temps that low myself, but a quick search shows charging battery packs at low temps is a serious problem. Lithium cells can suffer permanent damage if charged below 0 Celsius.
    From that article it looks like a lead acid setup would be the most survivable, but you might want to check with Iron Edison about their Nickel Iron batteries, operating range goes to -30C but the spec sheet doesn’t mention if that’s for charging, discharging or both.
    All that said, I’m not planning on outside lights at night even in my more hospitable temps – figuring lights means we have stuff folks might want. Then again I live in suburbia. Hope this helps.


    Rather than lighting the yard would not some type of thermal sensor be an easier solution ?No beacon of light out there to draw things to you but you could still see what’s out there.

    Illini Warrior

    you might have to go wind powered for those months with minimum minimum solar potential – same set up but dual power generation when necessary …

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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