Interesting discussion with the plumber today

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    Had to have the plumber out today to do some work (the spigot for the outside water broke off…the idiots who put it in had used PLASTIC pipe, and it finally snapped) plus a toilet repair. But I digress…Anyway, we always end up getting into interesting discussions while he’s working, over a wide variety of topics…politics, general state of the world, pets, you name it. Turns out, the guy is a prepper and doesn’t even know it! Let’s see….

    Food storage….check
    Financial strategy…moving from “paper” holdings to PMs….check
    Doing what he can to mitigate risks from local hazards….check
    Plans for bartering his services for needs when current money is useless…check (including an an offer of possibly trading plumbing services for rabbit meat 😀 )
    Making contacts and developing a network of like-minded people that can swap services and can help each other out when all heck breaks loose….check

    He’s doing the things that Preppers do, but doesn’t consider himself a “prepper”; I doubt he’s even familiar with the term…he simply considers himself to be prudent.

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