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    Has anyone else besides tigger and myself been getting getting “invalid password” messages when trying to login? I’ve heard of this problem happen before, but not often, and it just recently happened to me a couple times.

    I did mention that our provider is switching to a new server and also that we may be switching to advanced hosting real soon, so if it’s a server issue then hopefully it will fix that problem.

    What I’ve done to help remedy the problem is increase the number of login attempts so that you don’t get locked out if you can’t login after 5 tries

    Also, this is a solution that you can try: Type your username and password slowly. I have keyscrambler on my browser and sometimes I type faster than kyscrambler can compensate for so I sometimes get mixed up text and this could be the actual problem. Also, another solution is to type out your password on a notepad and then copy and paste it.

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