Is ammo reloading for you?

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    I have recently been looking into whether or not to pursue getting reloading equipment for myself. I am concerned that between more creeping anti-gun legislation and potentially handing over sovereign US gun right regulation to the UN, that ammunition will become harder to come by and therefore more expensive as well. So this post is a combination of attempting to help educate others considering purchasing their own loading equipment and materials, and to make sure I have not left out any significant points in briefly covering the subject.

    If anyone (preferably current reloaders) would like to further clarify or expand upon these points, I welcome the input as I am sure others will.

    The first consideration I discussed with other more gun-savvy friends and sources was that there are many “bits and pieces” elements involved in loading your own ammunition (though they vary between types of loads and types of ammunition, ex: shotgun versus handgun ammunition). In short, the points below came to the surface.

    -You can load as many or as little as you want.
    -You can do it at your own pace.
    -You can do it in your own home, etc.
    -You can load your own “recipe” to determine the kind of effect you desire in your ammunition.

    -Expense can be less than cost effective (unless you are loading a significant amount of ammunition).
    -Some materials are more difficult (or expensive) to acquire than others.
    -Reloading can be time intensive.
    -Adequate space and storage area for equipment (ex: the reloader itself) and supplies (ex: powder, primers, cases, projectiles) is required.

    I welcome any further points I may have missed, and for others to expand on the subject.

    Prep On!

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