Is it me or are people becomming bigger and bigger jerks

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    I was just wondering if anyone had the same feeling that people are getting to be bigger jerks all of the time or is it just me getting old and bitter? I have never had a very bright view of the people roaming around in our society but this summer that view just fell into the toilet. This summer I was out of a motorcycle ride and someone drove over the top of my bike, and sent me flying. Then as I am laying in the ditch he was worrying about his dented truck and never bothered to see if I was alive or not. The home owner finally came out and called an ambulance.

    OK, I am a adult and the choice to ride the motorcycle was mine, I also knew the risks. What shocks me is the behavior of people after the accident, these are not strangers but friends and family that I have helped in the past. People not calling and when the call they only want favors, not one offering to help out. Then they get mad that I am not willing to help them out. It doesn’t matter that I am less than a week post OP with a freshly rebuilt shoulder, but they budgeted for me to wire their new pole barn for nothing without asking me.

    Sorry about the rant but if people act like this when times are good I could not imagine what they would act like when the SHTF. The positive side is I also found out just who I can depend on, and I have had plenty of time to catch up on my reloading.

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