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    its been raining here in west by god forsaken virginia so i had to play indoors on my day off from wally world..those of you that have more experience on this subject feel free to critique on this..took my 30 gal metal trash can put cut up long pieces of a large cardboard box inside lining the sides from top to bottom.. took the shorter ones and made an star pattern to line the bottom..i even stepped into the can to form the sides and the bottom from square to semi round..took my items that are of an electric nature and started to put them in the in the lights, lanterns, flashlights, batteries out the wazzoo of all sizes from button to D cell a small solar panel to low charge 12 volts and even the multi connector to put multiple solar panel sets into one wire (3 in 1)..all these items came out of plastic crates i have in the spare the problem becomes this..i have the solar panel kit from HF still in its box (NIB) and a couple more crates to go through in the house..i have items in the garage in crates that will need to be put in faraday cages as well..they dont make a metal can big enough to put the HF kit into and to finish this off i need another 30 gal can anyway.. what out of the kit HAS to be protected just the control box and wires or the whole thing? this also gave the wife and i the chance to put more stuff into our BOB’s and to re-access all 4 bags and contents as well.. is my cage building correct and in my next can will i have to add more cardboard since it will probably get things like laptops and other more sensitive items?

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