It’s Hot in Massachusetts

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    We’ve been warned. If, by chance, we do fall prey to brownouts, the usual suspects will be blaming the power companies. Again.

    This isn’t the first time we’ve had hot weather and it won’t be the last. There are chores to be done, animals to care for and the garden to weed and water. I’m trying to get everything done in the early morning hours, including cooking, so I won’t break a sweat in the afternoon. As I did all this yesterday I wondered how people managed before the invention of fans and air conditioners. Somehow they persevered.

    I also thought about how people would manage in the event of a long term power outage because of some catastrophic event. It wouldn’t be pretty.

    If you have a generator now might be a good time to test it. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water and limit your physical activity during peak hours.
    Keep your cool and try not to get aggravated so easily with others. Already, violence is on the upswing in Worcester and public pools and cooling centers are exceeding capacity. We went out briefly yesterday to hit a store and grab a bite for lunch and witnessed a near miss in a parking lot. The two drivers got into a shouting match, no doubt exacerbated by the extreme heat.

    Personally, I manage better in the extreme cold, snow and ice than I can in the heat and humidity. I can always keep warm. Staying cool, no so much.

    Check on your elderly neighbors, especially if there is a loss of power.

    Stay cool and safe and relax.

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