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    dear friends…it’s been a long, long time. almost a year i think. but we successfully bugged out and have spent the last year trying to get moved in to our BOL, which we had forgotten was a 3-season bungalow. and we moved here in the winter. oh man (to quote Tom/NIP – he says “oh maaaan” alot!) – boiling snow for drinking water and melting snow for flushing the toilet was a lot of fun. so was living in a 3-season bungalow during the worst winter that anyone here can remember – we near froze to death! but we are getting our act together and have paid through the nose to get internet and a phone that works. but we are back online and have a blog at if you want to check us out.

    it has been a crazy year to say the least. our internet is intermittent at best and we have learned to live without it, and tv, over the past year. i can’t say that i will check here regularly but i will try! right now i am catching up on all the old posts and enjoying how much everyone is sharing and enjoying catching up on what everyone is doing! i miss all of my old friends and will try to get here at least once a week, maybe more often.

    you all make me proud to call you friends. and i hope that you can all forgive our disappearance. it was hard for a while – but we are back and doing ok.

    much love to all of my old friends!

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