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    When we have to start seriously thinking about getting the gardens ready. Soil sample just sent out for analysis; lettuces, cabbage and spinach growing in the greenhouse and all looking good.
    Just started winter and summer squashes in their pots for plunking in the ground in late May, along with the pole beans and maybe watermelong again this year, if I have room.

    Tomato plants getting bigger and I’m devoting a larger patch for those this year so I’ll buy a few plants, too. Strawberry patch cleared off and plant looking good. Expecting blueberries this year.

    Since we have a relatively short growing season in Massachusetts I’m going to utilize every square inch of garden and greenhouse space without overcrowding everything like I usually do. Still have a few butternuts from last year in the cellar in good condition after giving some away to the neighbor.

    What are everyone’s plans for their Massachusetts gardens?

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