Japan Situation. How does it make you feel?

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    Me and Medic72 have been watching the news the past couples days, and there’s been a lot going on. There was a massive fire across from my school a couple miles away, the earthquake/tsunami combo in Japan, and the Nuclear Reaction ordeal as well. A lot of things are starting to go wrong, and me and Medic think it’s not going to get any better. ( Though that’s just our opinions. ) I’m actually watching the news now and the third explosion in the 2nd reaction just blew. The deaths for the tsunami are at 2,000, and are quicking rising each day.

    It’s made me think a lot out the prepping situation. I started off going along with it with my dad, Medic, because i thought it was fun. Then slowly i realized that bad things can and will happen eventually. With all these events happening the past couple days, it’s made me double my want to get ready for a S.H.T.F situation. Hoping and praying that it never does!

    Me and Medic are going out into the woods this weekend to practice our Rucksacks. We bought one off of E-Bay for me, and he got his back. It kinda of scares me to think that the radiation could some day reach us, or something like that could happen to us. If something does happen, i want to be prepared. So I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time for me to kick it uhp a gear.

    There are many things happening around the world right now, and many people are preparing for it. These days, not many kids got as lucky as i did to have a dad thats into Prepping. I think it’s time for kids to come out of the technological age, and step back into the older days, and learn how to survive like people did back then. I think all of us children need to know how to make it in the real world, if S. ever does H.T.F. I hope many more children/teens get into preparing for a catastrophic event, economic failure, zombie invasion, power outage, etc.

    Bad things are happening. And it’s just the beginning. How does it make yuu feel?

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