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    This series was shown on CBS a couple of years ago for about a season and a half. It is the story of a small town after nuclear and EMP attacks. I posted the information below some months ago on the Kentucky Preppers Network Forum and I saw no mention of it here.

    I like this series :ilove: . I don’t watch TV much and didn’t know about this show when it was on TV. When I downloaded the series I watched the first 7 episodes in about 48 hours. I found a link to the torrent for seasons 1&2 here:″ onclick=”;return false; You have to have file sharing software like uTorrent, BitTorrent or Bit Comet, etc. to download the series in this manner.
    [attachment=0:2bjzzx9x]Jericho Torrent.JPG[/attachment:2bjzzx9x]

    It is an excellent prepper related tv show, IMHO.

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