Judging quantities for single peppers

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    I finally started a written inventory of my preps. Long overdue, and I’m sorry I dilly-dallied because half the problem I’m having now is finding where I hid some things…which isn’t really the subject of this post, but it’s related sorta kinda a little bit.

    For solo preppers, how do you determine how much to store up? Even though I expect to help others at least a little, I’m looking at this 50 pound bucket of rice and wondering if I will really eat all that, to say nothing of the other 10 pound bags of rice I have. The rice is just an example to illustrate my question. On the one hand, I don’t feel like I would ever have enough, but then I look at this giant pail of rice and wonder if it’s overkill. If I were prepping for a family, it would be different, but it’s just me.

    I’m probably not explaining this well, but I don’t want to be wasteful, and this is on my mind. Do other single preppers wonder if they’re over-buying?

    Aunt Bee
    Embarrassed by her own question

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