June 2018 – What Did You Do To Prep This Week/Month?

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    Starting off the new month. Well, these first couple of days have been bust as far as prepping. Had to take husband to the ER in the city two hours away. Had originally gone to the one here on Wednesday night…they just sent him home Thursday with some prescriptions and the names/phone numbers of the two urologists in town after diagnosing him with a 5 mm kidney stone. Tried to make him a follow up appt…the one was dropped by our insurance as a provider, and the other one is out of town until the later half of the month. So, followed up with our family care provider. He gave us the names/phone numbers of a couple of Drs. in the city 2 hours away, and told us if he had another bout of severe pain/vomiting, to forget “those clowns” at the ER here, (our local hospital actually made “the list” of the 10 WORST hospitals in the country a few years ago) and to go to the city instead. So, when he had another severe episode a couple of hours later, off to the city we went. What a difference! Instead of not seeing a Dr. after being in the ER for 3 hours (which is what happened locally), A physician saw him IMMEDIATELY in triage; within 15 minutes, they had him in a treatment room, where he was seen immediately by a 2nd Dr., had blood drawn/IV started, and Urology dept. called. By the time we had been there the same amount of time we had spent at our local ER, he had been seen by 3 doctors, and bloodwork, IV/meds, and CT done; had been moved to an “observation” room. He had surgery this morning to put in a stent between the kidney and bladder. He goes back in 2 weeks to have the stone removed.

    So, for a “prep:, make sure you know where a GOOD hospital is located, and that you can get there.


    Ice, I’m wincing in pain for your husband! Mu Husband had that done a few years ago – not pretty.

    Husband is out weeding the neglected garden as we speak, we don’t have high hopes, the potato plants are being eaten and the beans are spindly.

    In the potted garden on the deck, the huge zucchini is dying, and the yellow squash appears to have recovered. All the other plants are doing well.

    I might clean off the back deck today, if I have time – the parents are coming over for dinner and it might be nice to sit out here. Of course, they like to see the road and watch the neighbors go by, so maybe I should clean off the front porch…

    I posted our Honda Pilot for sale in Craigslist and then had to remove it the next day. We had about 6 inquiries, I think. One guy actually drove here to see it. He extolled all its virtues and its great price so much but decided because of the color, he couldn’t buy it. Husband decided we love it and are not going to sell it. He is correct, but we still have 3 cars…and only 2 drivers. I guess it’s OK, the one is a truck for farm duty, so it doesn’t get driven as often, even though it’s the newest vehicle.

    Prep-wise – Husband got a bundle of clipper lighters, he’s putting them in various places for emergency fire-making. He’s also buying replacement parts for specific lighters for LTS.

    I am in the sewing room today, making stuff to take to the consignment shop on Monday.


    Wife and I both got a nasty upper respiratory infection that took a Z-pack to knock down, so I made sure my fish are safe by getting a supply of Azithromycin for them. Just in case.
    Meant to get some more food grade buckets from Lowe’s, but it seems they are switching vendors and are out of stock locally at least. Hopefully next weekend, otherwise I’ll have to drive over to Home Depot to see if they have any stock. But I was able to get a gamma lid to replace the one I had to use for the cat food bucket. The gasket on the cat food bucket gamma lid had finally dried up and fell off, but a fresh lid worked fine.
    Otherwise was a quiet week for prepping, just replaced what was used up in the last few weeks.


    Did a little more work on the 3-bin composter, and repotted the sunflower seedlings into bigger pots. Had to replace one of the hoses from the well to the garden (I had already fixed it 4 times, but finally threw in the towel on it) when I went to get more poultry feed. The manager at the store where I’d gotten it told me to bring in the old one, and they’d give me a credit for it, since it has a “lifetime” warranty.

    Made arrangement with a local coffee roaster/coffee shop to reduce their pile of used coffee grounds. I’ll use them to mulch the blueberries and gooseberries, and any “extra” can go into the compost.

    ought 6 lavender plants and got them planted in the far back perimeter bed, where they’ll share space with the artichokes plants, once they’re ready to plant. Still need to get 8 more lavender plants to finish out (and they’re spaced 5 feet apart. The artichokes will alternate with the lavender…lavender, artichoke, lavender, artichoke…)


    Husband weed-whacked and moved some old wood to the burn pile. He also got snake-bit – a small, non-poisonous snake was disturbed and got a mite upset. Husband is fine, he said it stung for a few minutes, then all the symptoms went away. He’s up on tetanus so no worries.

    I spent the day doing non-prep stuff around the house. I did sort of go through my fabric scraps to assess for a project, but really, nothing prep-wise.


    Took the broken hose back to the store. Manager tagged it as “defective” and gave me a refund on it.

    Got the additional 8 lavender plants and got them planted, and got 2 5-gallon buckets full of used grounds from the coffee shop…the grounds went onto the blueberry bed…will need to get more for the gooseberries.

    Picked up more strawberries and blueberries from the grocery store (on sale) and after getting them washed, blueberries went into 2 quart-sized Ziploc bags that are now in the freezer; strawberries were cut, bagged, and in the freezer for later use. Made a cantaloupe/honeydew/watermelon/strawberry/blueberry fruit mix in a gallon Ziploc bag so that I can just dump some right into a container to put in hubby’s lunchbox every day.


    It was “old farts day” at the grocery store today (10% discount) and they had strawberries on sale for 75 cents per 1 lb pkg (limit 8), so I got the limit. With the discount, they came to 67 cents per pack. 🙂 they are now cut, packaged into 8 1 qt. freezer bags, and in the freezer for later use. Also got pasta (90 cents per pkg, after discount) and a few other things. Senior discount brought the total down from $67 to $42.

    Got 5 more 72-cell plant starters. Seeded parsley, bee balm, lavender, peppermint, catnip, rosemary, basil (3 types–sweet, spicy globe, and “holy)”, lemon balm, lemongrass, and meadowsweet; and re-seeded artichokes and sunflowers.

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    Spent the morning doing work stuff online.

    Husband drove to bit city for a follow-up on his surgery – all is well.

    I spent the afternoon with the HughesNet installer here putting in a satellite dish, I am DONE with CenturyLink. I’m pleased with the faster speed, looks as if I can do a lot more now in a lot less time, work-wise. YAY!


    Planted Hale’s Best Cantaloupe, Yellow Pear Tomato, Waltham Butternut Suash, Principe Borghese Tomato, Moon & Stars Watermelon, Mortgage Lifter Tomato, Table Queen Acorn Squash, Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato, Sweet Delight Honeydew, Sweet Aperitif Tomato, Prosperosa Eggplant, Clemson Spineless Okra; Marconi Red Pepper, Sweet Bell Pepper; Pimento, Feher Ozon Paprika, Sweet Marjoram, Cilantro, Tomatillo Verde, Double Yield Cucumber, Grape Reisenstrube tomato; Amish Paste Tomato, Amish Pie Pumpkin, Ancho/Poblano Pepper, Beefsteak tomato, Yellow Straightneck squash, Super Sioux Tomato, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Straight 8 Cucumber; Meadowsweet, Zahir Poppy, Bee Balm, and Marigolds in the new seed starting trays.

    Had to get hay for the cow/goats and then go in to town to get dog food. Ended up getting an additional 5 seed starting trays, since I used most of the others. I like to have some empties on hand.

    The clover that I seeded in between the first few rows of trees is starting to sprout. Looking forward to having it cover the area.


    Cut the lower field yesterday morning and raked it last night, raked it this morning and will rake it tonight, ready to bale tomorrow. Corn is about 18 inches high already considering all the rain we’ve had and very little full sun.

    Wife went to a flea market with the daughter on sunday, she picked up some yarn, needles, thread and a double wash tub.

    I got 10, 5 gallon buckets and lids from the local store deli, it’s nice to have a niece that works there.


    Took the hoe and weeded/leveled the area around the hops frame, in preparation for putting down weed barrier. Didn’t get much else done in the garden other than harvesting some snow peas, because we FINALLY got some rain!

    Made a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner…started cooking it this morning, and let it simmer all day before adding the noodles and broth I cooked them in. YUMMY!


    Grocery shopping and yard sales yesterday.

    Grocery shopping:

    Restocked what we used
    2 of the el cheapo rain ponchos (Husband’s redoing the car bags)
    2 bandanas (for the new car bags)

    Yard sales:

    2 Coleman sleeping bags – $3 each
    1 Provenge rolling backpack – $10
    1 Arctic zone cooler jug – $1
    1 denim jacket (looked new) – 50 cents
    1 cotton long-sleeved T-shirt – 25 cents
    Rooster bell (niece collects chickens for her chicken farm) – $3

    And the most exciting one – 1 roll of huck toweling, which turned out to be 12″ X 43 YARDS. The edges are already seamed. I’ve washed and bleached it because it was rather dirty. I will make embellished towels for the consignment shop from it. There are some stains that won’t come out, but I will make shop towels for Husband from that part.


    Commissary run today…they had a “family pack” of beef that had 7 different packages of meat in it (roast, cubed steak, stew meat, beef cut for stir fry, mock tender steak”, ground beef, and ribs) for $21.99. Portioned it out for meals for husband and myself after I got it home. There was enough for 2 meals with the stew meat, 2 with the stir fry meat, 2 meals of the mock tender steak, and 2.5 of the cubed steak as well as the roast and ground beef. That’s enough meat for 10 meals, not counting the leftovers on the roast and whatever I do with the ground beef. 😀

    Illini Warrior

    found the bargain of my entire life – past and most likely future – picked up pair of Nikon marine 10 X 70 binoculars on the cheap – came off the east coast and landed up here in the Midwest ….

    all set for the summer air shows ….


    IceFire: I notice you didn’t mention Coffee in your haul from the commissary. Are you a non-coffee drinker? or does the commissary not have great prices on coffee any more?

    Cin: that is one heck of a haul. Congrats.
    Same to Illini Warrior.

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