June 2018 – What Did You Do To Prep This Week/Month?

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    No, they are NOT a myth. I call them “Frankenchickens.” I only had 2… got them by mistake, as I THOUGHT I was getting White Leghorns (that’s what they were marked as, so SOMEBODY screwed up at the hatchery.)

    As to feed, I gave them NON-medicated chick starter/grower. They were in with the other chicks I had bought at the same time. The difference in growth rate was obvious after only a couple of days. I ended up processing the first one at about 7 weeks,…

    Never meant to imply you were wrong, but that I was startled to find out they really exist. I though you might have had them on purpose. So non-medicated starter/grower food will work for them. I guess they wouldn’t make it on what they could scratch up naturally, since they would have too high calorie requirement. Frankenchickens sounds appropriate, LoL.



    Worked on more solar power and water storage.



    @icefire– Appreciate the extra Lasik info. Turns out I’m an excellent candidate from the consult yesterday. I’m scheduling the procedure end of next month (when I’ll have more tax free HSA funds to apply towards the cost), and I’ll be doing the blended version so my dominant eye is adjusted to distance and the other eye is adjusted a bit less for better transition to reading.

    I’m a bit disappointed that the MS-215 miniscope (oscilloscope) was gone when I’d returned to the Thrift store with a 50% coupon, especially after having done the research on it. Such is life. It’s hard to find HAM radio related items second hand from non-HAM folks at flea markets and the like, but that’s where I look for the best discounts.



    Details, people!

    TamTBell – what brand of bidet and cameras did you end up getting?

    Mom2Grandma – it’s a start!

    NJMike – sorry you lost out on the mini-scope, but glad to hear about the eye surgery.

    TRex2 & Rick – I grew up with chickens and it’s the one thing I don’t want to raise…and fortunately, the neighbors raise ’em, so I don’t have to deal with them…for now. Never thought of smoking one, though.

    Rick – what brand was the water filter?

    Flightnurse – what kind of solar power? We’re thinking about it.

    Today was grocery shopping and yard sales.

    Grocery shopping – restocked what we used, 2 solar blankets for the EDCs for the cars.


    Barely used Harley-Davidson steel-toed leather boots for Husband – $5
    Brand new, never opened pet seat cover for truck – $1
    Camera case – 50 cents
    3 children’s books for niece – 75 cents



    Took 3 boxes of stuff from daughter and son to donate at St. Vincent de Paul, gassed up the car, picked up a notebook for my little sewing student, and got new wiper blades for the car.

    Weather was NOT conducive to working outside (it was raining), so worked on straightening up the sewing shed, and getting things prepped to have my little sewing student this evening (she’s 5, and will be starting Kindergarten in August), and worked on a few sewing repair projects.


    Cin, you can order them from SHTFandGO.Com or ebay has them sometimes cheaper and they’re from the same company.

    The are model H2O DIY and they are SHTFandGO Company name.

    They are good (once activated) for 8 months or 1000 gallons of water.

    I read the reviews first and then called the company before ordering, 612-888-7483 and had ask a bunch of questions they answered them, but, wanting to make sured they worked, I had the water tested and they work fine.

    I ordered a pack of 4 more filters for $38.00 from ebay, same company, but cheaper.



    Hit the produce distribution early this morning (70 lbs of produce for $12) and came away with 1/2 case of Roma tomatoes, 44 round tomatoes, 18 cucumbers, 8 “Italian” squash (a summer squash much like zucchini), 18 oranges, a bag of jalapenos, an 8 lb bucket of mango spears, and a watermelon. Once we got home, we started processing.

    The tomatoes got blistered, the skins removed, then cut up and are not in the stockpot cooking down to start spaghetti sauce.

    The squash were slice, packed into quart-sized freezer bags (1 squash per bag) for future use.

    The mango spears were either cut into chunks and put into freezer bags for later use (4 bags) and the rest were sliced thinner and are now in the dehydrator. The mango bucket was washed out for re-use.

    Half of the cucumbers were sliced and packed into the washed mango bucket along with garlic, mustard seed, dill, and then brine mixed up and poured over them…they are now sitting in a corner of the kitchen to ferment.

    After the mangoes are done dehydrating, the remaining cucumbers will be sliced, brined, drained, and then put into the dehydrator to make “pickle chips.”

    Gave the bag of jalapenos to daughter.

    The watermelon will be cut tomorrow (will share with daughter and son-in-law) and excess will go into the dehydrator (dehydrating watermelon concentrates the sugars, and it comes out like candy!)

    Oranges are still a bit on the green side, so waiting on those.

    While daughter and I were processing produce, her husband and his buddy re-did the roofing on the stable, so now the horses won’t be swimming in their stalls when it rains.

    Planted the 5 artichoke and 5 sunflower starts that were big enough that hopefully “critters” will leave them alone.

    Whew! I’m tired now!



    After 2 days of cooking down the tomatoes, made 6 1/2 quart jars of pasta sauce, and canned 6 of them. Used the 1/2 jar of sauce for the penne pasta with meatballs, and one of the bags of squash for tonight’s dinner.



    Took the unused (not even put together yet) heavy-duty metal shelving unit (one of those “industrial”-type ones that can either be put together as a single unit, or as 2 units) from the canning kitchen, and moved it to the greenhouse. Put it together as 2 units…one 2-shelf unit (with room for storage under the bottom shelf) and one 3-shelf unit. It’s big enough that the 2 units side-by-side hold all of the plant starters and pots that had been on the other 3 shelves. Re-did a couple of the other shelving units, and moved the smaller 2 of them outside the greenhouse so that I can put plants out to “harden off.” Still leaves me the larger o the old shelving units to start even MORE plants.



    Grocery shopping and yard sales today.

    Grocery shopping:

    Restocked what we used.

    Yard sales:

    11 yards of cotton fabric, 3 yards of 60 wide denim – $8
    1 antique glass Pyrex bread pan – 25 cents
    1 1939 Edition book (Heidi) – $1

    Because of Husband’s surgery, we hired someone to do some yard work. The man was a machine – he cut the limbs off 30 of our trees 20 feet up, allowing a lot more sunshine to come through right where we plan to extend our garden. We will still be removing some of the trees at some point, but we like the way it looks. He also cut some overhanging limbs in the driveway and the parking area on the side of the house.

    My deck garden benefited from my watering and the rain – the 2 tomato plants have tiny tomatoes, and the squash plants are looking much healthier.

    Our morning walks have been changed – Husband walks our dog the full 2 miles, but the neighbor’s dog has decided to only go halfway. She is older, and has reached a limit (we expected this). She has arthritis in her back and front paws, and has made the decision to stop at a certain point in the walk. She lays down for belly rubs, sniffs around the bushes, and asks for petting while we wait for Husband and our dog. Then we all walk back together. She is still frisky and happy with how far she goes, so I will continue to walk her until she chooses not to come along or…passes on. The only drawback is I am only walking a mile instead of 2 – I prefer the longer walk, but I’ll accommodate the dog and get my exercise elsewhere. 🙂


    Went to the outdoor flea market last week and picked up a few items:

    mossberg 500c, 20 gauge in decent shape for $90.00
    old reel push mower $20.00 (blades need sharpened and adjusted)
    wheel barrow with old metal spoked front wheel $10.00 in decent shape
    crossbow with recurve limbs and 4 bolts $10.00

    The wife picked up some games and puzzles for the grand kids and some sewing needles and thread. She also got some burlap sacks and some burlap material.



    Hit a yard sale down the road and picked up 4 books or a grand total of $2…an equine veterinary encyclopedia, one on equine veterinary treatments and medications, and two horsemanship books (one of those was to replace one that I had loaned out and never gotten back.)

    Got a couple more seed packets to start or my friend with the shop…(but I get to keep a couple of the plants for my own use)…a purple tomatillo, and a cherry tomato that produces yellow, red, and purple tomatoes.



    Hey Cin – have you considered one of those lightweight strollers for the dog? When she decides she doesn’t want to walk anymore, you can push her in the stroller the rest of the way. If she’s a bigger dog, they do make those strollers with larger wheels as well. But, if you are on a hard and even walking trail, a stroller may solve your issue.

    I actually bought a bike cart for our dogs when we finally are able to retire and take bike rides, so we can take the pups with us.



    Angie_nrs – I used a single jogging stroller for our older dog who couldn’t walk anymore (before he passed). I have a double jogging stroller in storage, but I’m not sure a German Shepherd will fit in it. Might have to modify it some. And she may choose not to sit in it, too. I’ll take it one day at a time. She does walk, she just doesn’t want to do 2 miles. 🙂

    I spent the morning cleaning out all the lower kitchen cabinets. When we first started re-stocking this house after we built it, I went overboard on some items, thinking we’d use everything up eventually. Lots of gravy packets, dried soup packets, and dried dressings/dips packets went into the compost heap today. I thought we’d use them up faster than we did, and most had a rancid odor, so out they went. We’ve since started sealing any packets in plastic and putting them in the chest freezer. There were also some older canned goods on an upper shelf that I didn’t see, so they went to the compost heap too. We are slowly phasing out the canned goods for freeze-dried because it keeps longer.



    Took the old Corolla in today for new wheel bearings. Gassed up both cars, too. We’re having severe thunderstorms, so having full tanks is simply good preparation in case the power goes out and we need to go out for whatever reason.

    Downloaded and saved some free sewing patterns to my computer for printout later. I have a binder full of printed out free patterns in page protectors (with a top flap so I don’t lose anything), in case the grid goes down.

    Has anyone ever made their own shoes? I was searching for something else on Pinterest and it came up…so I went down that rabbit hole. Pretty interesting, to say the least.

    Oh, and I have a squash! It’s still itty-bitty and attached to it’s flower, but it’s a squash! YAY!

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