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    Hi All. My name is Barry. I am in Mobile AL and just getting started in this prepping business. I have been reseaching for a while, but just got my first shipment of wheat (4cases) yesterday and I have a wheat grinder under the christmas tree. I’v been on so many websites and facts and figures are swimming in my head from research. Maybe you guys can help to unscramble it all. From what I hear, the closest LDS cannery is in New Orleans area and doesnt allow non members to use it. If anyone knows any different, I would love to know about it. There prices are sooooo much better than anyone elses, that I am tempted to drive to Atlanta where I hear they do allow non members to use the cannery. Or if anyone knows of other sources that come close to their prices, please let me know. Thanks for all your help. I look forward to the community

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