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    Just returned from a week in the Mountain Cabin up in the Shenandoah…near Waynesboro, Virginia.

    As we rented the cabin for a whole week, I decided to bring a temporary Ham Radio set up.

    I brought my switching power supply, a small tuner, and my Icom 706G Mk II radio….and a G5RV antenna and a roll of RG8 coaxial cable. Also I brought a small fishing pole to cast up and thread a small light nylon rope through the trees by which to hang the G5RV antenna. This antenna was cut for 80 to 10 meters.

    My friend out in Tennessee ….We would meet on the Virginia Phone net at 3.947 MHZ LSB and check in …then after the net would go down to the lower end of 75 meters and work in the Extra portion of the band to get away from most of the traffic…somewhere from 3.610 to 3.625 MHZ. This worked out well…and the copy was good.

    Later in the week I raised my feed point up about 10 feet and thus got a bit more received signal on my friend out west. He is in Tennessee near Johnson City.

    From the cabin I reckon the distance at some 250 plus miles. From my home base station I estimate some 400 miles. Decent copies from both locations. All traffic was at night and after the days events and get togethers had quieted down.
    Also let the children see how the rig worked…they are not accustomed to something other than a telephone or remote controller…so it was a learning experience for them.

    Oh..and I tried this G5RV on 160 meters but it would not work well..though it tuned up fine. But 75 meters …it worked great.

    Rig is now back home on the base station and working fine. G5RV antenna and coaxial cable is rolled up and in storage for the next time.

    Distance from the cabin to Tennessee is about 250 miles. From my home down on the Chesapeake Bay to Johnson City, Tennessee…..about 400 miles.

    Can copy him fine from both locations on 75 meters..but planning to add a bit of power as the static crashes become more intense with the summer heat arriving. About 200 watts we are thinking should do it.



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