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    Looks like we’re a lonley bunch here in SD. I live in the Black Hills and am relatively new to prepping, (3 years). I’m not even close to where I’d like to be on my prep’s but I have been very busy in the last 3 years. (Started out with a bag of beans and couldn’t stop)
    Have lived in the Hills for a little over 4 years and don’t know a single prepper in my area, It doesn’t help that I don’t talk to anyone about our prep’s.
    Looking for like minded folks to network with and share ideas,(hopefully help each other when shtf) We put in a root cellar, planted over 20 fruit trees, and garden–getting chickens next month.
    My biggest worry is that it’s just my Wife and myself when something goes to hell so I finally decided to take a risk and try to meet some other preppers.
    If you are interested in visiting with a couple of old (55) paronoid preppers, (not really, just extra careful) to share ideas with let me know.
    We live in an awesome area and I find it hard to believe that we’re the only two people in SD with similar thoughts

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