Keeping looters away in cities and suburbs

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    Reb’s post about sleep deprivation and looters got me to thinking about how to scare looters off in general, but in cities in particular. It may not be possible or advisable to shoot ’em.

    Looters generally don’t want attention drawn to them and their activities. I’m not talking about mob looting of stores, more like the thief in the night kind of looting or burglary. So I was thinking about getting a bullhorn, a spotlight, and a loud recording of dogs (or zombies) barking and growling. The idea is to give them reason to go elsewhere. I don’t know if this would work, so any suggestions are appreciated. I thought about trying to make the area around my house look like it had been looted already, but that seems more like something you’d do as desperation rises? Plus, if my neighbors aren’t on the same page it would probably look pretty odd to have one trashed house on the block.

    Either way, I want to get a bullhorn. Anyone have any knowledge about what to look for in a bullhorn or similar? I can always use it to yell at my neighbor to stop letting his dog crap on my front lawn, and stop pitching his cigarette butts in the street in front of my house.

    Aunt Bee

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