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    So recently my family and I went to the range. It’s been a while so I’m a bit out of practice. I didn’t do too bad but of course I was still facing the same issue I did a long time ago. I jump massively at the sound of weapons being fired. As a matter of fact I jump any time I heard any loud crack. I’m not a fireworks lover. When I was a child a homemade firecracker blew up near enough to me that it bruised my face at the time, thankfully it didn’t cause any greater damage.
    A while ago a friend who is a competition shooter and a firearms coach taught me a lot of the basics of shooting however he was really stuck on how to get around my tendency to tense up any time I hear a shot. He even tested a variety of ways to see if he could trick me into calming down when I shoot.
    So I guess I’m wondering, does anyone else have this issue? I don’t think this is really like a PTSD type thing, I just jump a lot when I hear firearms going off. It doesn’t seem to affect my aim. Thoughts all?


    I don’t have that issue but if you jump at any loud crack, it’s definantly in your mind and the only way of getting it out of your head is to pratice. It’s mind over matter.

    Go to the range as often as possible, you don’t have to shoot, just sit there and listen to others shoot, also, it could be somewhat of PTSD, everybody reacts to PTSD differently, some people shake, some can’t sleep, some get violent, some do drugs/drink, some worry, etc..

    Good luck


    I agree with what Rick said, plus two things I would suggest. Really good hearing protection, and the softest sounding firearm you can get. (in fact, I use an air soft pistol) You will still get a bit of a crack, but it will register in your subconscious as a more normal sound. After you get used to hearing that, move up to your intended weapon of choice.

    As this firecracker indecent happened in your childhood, you can expect it to take several thousands of repetitions of hearing even a mild “crack” sound before your reflex diminishes.

    Photon Guy

    You probably just have to get used to it. I’ve been to shooting classes at ranges where there’s thousands of students and you hear shots going off all the time. Every few minutes theres a barrage of shots from a class doing a shooting drill but when you’re there all day you get used to it. I would avoid indoor ranges for now and stick with outdoor ranges until you get more of a hang of it.


    I would avoid indoor ranges for now and stick with outdoor ranges until you get more of a hang of it.

    I concur. Indoor ranges are anathema to learning not to flinch.
    (Unless you are playing laser tag, with “weapons” that don’t make much noise)

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    I agree with TRex2, get GOOD hearing protection! NO ONE like to get their ears blasted and a set of FITTED ear plugs and GOOD electronic ear muffs over them will help to an amazing amount. Now the fools will tell you that you don’t need both. You DO! The muffs cover your ears and keep sound out, the plugs keep bone induction to a minimum and combined they will cut down the problem to an amazing amount and that should help you.

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