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    When I was younger, we didn’t have the diamond knife sharpeners. If they were out there, I didn’t know and probably couldn’t have afforded one anyway. We used to use what we call an oil stone. You use a light weight oil on the stone for lubrication. I used to spend hours with those stones. This what I have got now.

    It has diamond blades set at an angle. Usually 10 passes of the blade through the the diamonds will sharpen most any knife. I bought this sharpener almost 10 years ago. It costs about $10.00. The blades are reversible. I used the same side for about 8 years. I finally had to turn the diamonds over about a year ago. This sharpener is wonderful.
    I got another set of diamonds for when i wear this side out. This thing will sharpen pocket knives, hunting knives. I have even sharpened a machete with it. You don’t have to use any lubrication with it. It is very light weight and will easily fit in a tackle box or back pack. My days of using those oil stones are over.” onclick=”;return false

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