Laddies pepper spray is your enemy not your friend.

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    First I want to say that I instruct officers in the use of pepper spray. I have been sprayed full on in the face three times in training and have been inadvertently contaminated on multiple field deployments from other officers to one degree or another. I have sprayed a great number of cadets in training. Let me tell you, if you buy quality stuff and get it in their eyes, in almost all cases it will have a great effect. Yes some people don’t have a bad reaction to it, and you can fight through it, but generally speaking pepper spray works. So why am I saying that for laddies pepper spray is the enemy to their personal safety?

    As a self-defense instructor I will often ask women if they have a plan to protect themselves. Often they smile real big, go find their purse, and spend anywhere form five seconds to three minutes unhooking it or digging in their purse until they find their tinny can of pepper spray. Then they hold this product up like its a magic potion that wards off evil. But many years of police work have taught me that when women actually use pepper spray, it isn’t typically in self-defense, rather it is to get revenge on their soon to be ex-boyfriend who they catch in a car with another girl.

    Why don’t women actually use this product? Typically it is because women remain in denial that they need to take steps to defend themselves until it it too late to locate the spray or even unsnap the holster. They either want to pretend like everything is going to be okay until reality catches up to them, or they are frozen and too intimidated to go for the spray, or they simply lack the situational awareness to recognize a problem in time to get the spray ready.

    But despite all of this every woman subconsciously knows deep down they need to have a plan to protect themselves. So they get a cute can of spray, or it is gifted to them, and because they have it, they check that box and think, “Okay, I have spray I can defend myself now.” Their subconscious feels better because they have the spray and they set the topic of self-defense aside never to revisit it again. Yes spray works but it becomes in many cases a feel good product that hinders a woman form properly taking steps to defend herself. Just my opinion.

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