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    I watched a video on wild foraging plant that I was familiar before but forgot the name. As soon as I saw the video I recognized the plant characteristics and found it in my yard. Cool fond as the same kind of plant can look slightly different in size and the leafs might have more or less toothed on the leaf edge and t hst distinct white powder like substance near the top of the plant. It’s like a spinach substitute. I’m thinking since I love spinach in my omelet or on my home made pizza and I didn’t know it had so many vitamins… three B vitamins and C and one other. I also save seeds from store bought food and currentlyballowing the stumps from my cabbage to grow roots and leaflets. The leaflets are edible or sometimes the stumps will only produce stalks with flowers to make seeds. I’ll take that. My leaf lettuce bolted in the heat so I left it and added some dark green leaves to my coleslaw or iceberg lettuce to get more nutrition. If your only getting a little veggies from your early or first garden I make soup or stir fry with a cabbage base and not noodles. I use broth instead of oil and it’s easy to loose weight… essentially I add some wild edibles like dandelions to my salad to add nutrition as I’m still particular to iceberg or when I can get some nice red sails romaine growing. No luck at the current garden site.. i asls collect seeds while on walks if i know a plant or I see something I’d like to try.

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