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    I just ordered 4 pounds of organic lard, got it the other day. That stuff smells awesome in other words it has no smell.
    That is the way good lard should be. I vacuumed packed 3 of the containers and froze them and will use one. From
    what I have been reading its actually way better for you then the other stuff with less saturated fats actually.

    I’m not using a ton of it but a dab in a skillet to fry items with tastes awesome and I fried chicken one day, of course
    it was organic chicken like I raise but the flavor was there for a change. I’m using it more and more. I can order a 25
    pound bucket, I may, but its not cheap and I imagine the shipping is high. But may just be worth it if its as good as
    this is.

    We have started eating so many nonfoods and its not good for us. I’m going back to as much natural foods as I can but
    that doesn’t allow you a cheap grocery bill and eliminates most processed foods. But I don’t work anymore so its doable.

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