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    I have been feeling for a long time now that something is coming our way and don’t ask me what because I have no idea. Just a general feeling of unease and it is time to do something. My husband and I have just recently started prepping (maybe about 2 months now?) which is not very easy on an average to lower income, but we have added a few pieces of survival gear here and there, plus I am working on doing something about food.

    I am looking for someone adept at “edible plants in the desert” who could teach me hands on. I have tried learning out of books, but I feel a lot more comfortable with hands on teaching if that makes sense.

    I guess from what I have been reading there is a bit of a difference between prepping and survivalist prepping? We are in the second category since our goal is to be able to ride out the first “panic” if it comes down to it but than get out of dodge and be able to live off the land if need be. So sustainability, survival skills, and anything along those lines is big on our list of learning right now.

    So please bare with this newb here while I get my learning and beginners feet wet. I am looking forward to interacting with all of you soon.


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