Lawn Sprinklers for Home Defense?

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    After all the serious and proven home security measures have been considered it’s useful to look at other ideas.

    Through circumstance or luck your residence is surrounded by hostiles.

    Now what can your lawn sprinklers do? If it’s a bunch of kids spraying water on them might make them run home but what can it do in a real dangerous situation?

    One suggestion I have seen is the instillation of sprinklers on the house itself to provide some defense against fire. This arrangement is common in forest fire areas but I have seen it recommended before for resistance to Molotov cocktails and similar flame weapons. That is well and good if there is a particular danger or fear of flaming arrows or the like but is there anything else we could do with lawn sprinklers? We are talking about a subterranean distribution system here. What if we used it to distribute something else? This brought me to considering fertigation systems. These systems do open up interesting avenues of surreptitious gardening which certainly has post disaster applications. But what if instead of adding fertilizer to water we purged the lines with compressed air and dispensed something else entirely? What if we used it to spray tear gas? I have no problem using lethal force but if I did, even if justified, that person has relatives and friends who’ll want revenge. A good taste of tear gas should be enough to convince almost everyone there are EASIER TARGETS than my house. Plus the hostiles will get over that quicker than if you had to shoot a few of them. I considered other gasses that WROL could be dispensed but making and storing other chemicals have enormous risk of accidents. If the hostiles are determined enough to come back afterwards then they’re probably well equip, well-armed and with really bad intentions for me. I’ve got one more thing to spray them with. Hook up the fuel tank. If that doesn’t stop them we’ll go out together.


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