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    There was discussion earlier this year on the board about the LDS canneries across America. My girlfriend and I finally went to one today… These people really know how to I was running a #10 can sealer and she was putting the food into the cans with an adsorber. It was a good sized warehouse with industrial racks from floor to ceiling, stuffed with everything from boxes and cans to pinto beans, wheat, fruit punch mix, refried beans and the list seems endless…
    I spent about $350 and got enough food to fill the bed of my Ford F250 truck! Sacks of sugar and flour, multiple types of beans, cocoa mix, pancake mix, potato pearls, refried beans, dried fruit, etc etc. I’m not exactly sure how we want to store all of it yet, but I was just thankful and impressed by the whole experience. If you ever get the chance, look into volunteering at one for a Saturday morning. You get better pricing on your order and it’s waaaaay cheaper than any other store I’m sure. :clap:

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