legality of "other weapons"

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    Photon Guy

    I find it ridiculous, the legal regulation and sometimes outright ban of certain weapons. In just about everywhere in the USA, although in some places they are heavily regulated, you can legally get a gun. Even in states such as MA, NJ, CA, HI, you can legally get guns if you navigate through the proper procedures. Even Washington D.C. has overturned their handgun ban and yet other types of weapons are often very heavily regulated if not outright banned. For instance, in NJ both the taser and the slingshot are banned. Not even law enforcement can use tasers. As a matter of fact, the only time a taser can be legally possessed in NJ is when a police officer is in the process of confiscating it. In some ways this can make NJ look really silly as NJ is famous for being a super anti-gun state and yet by banning tasers it makes even NJ look more pro gun because some people who are against guns say the taser is a good alternative. In some places I believe its illegal to carry and possibly even own a knife that has a blade that’s longer than the width of the palm of your hand. Pepper spray over a certain strength is banned in some places. So, this is ridiculous. The gun is perhaps the most deadly handheld weapon there is, and yet other weapons can sometimes be subject to just as much if not more regulation.

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