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    (Disclaimer: This is a shameless plug!)

    Maybe a few of you watch this show. I just wanted to throw a totally shameless plug out there for my daughter. She plays Sara Biddeford and is featured in the “Battle of Trenton” episode (I believe episode 12). Now before any of you think ‘oh, poor Fernbrook with an actress daughter!’, please know that she graduated a semester early (through something called Hard Work) from a very prestigious college earning a degree in American History with a focus on Military History and the Revolution. Acting is, quite literally, something that fell into her lap.

    As a side, filming for this show is done in Virginia. I just want to say, you folks living in Virginia deal with some pretty intense weather. So the story for another day is “How working on Legends & Lies made my daughter a Prepper!” Suffice to say, I’m not so crazy anymore! LOL

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