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    When i was thinking about getting my gun permit, several people told me that would be a bullseye on my back. The said the leo’s will pull you over everytime they see you. They were wrong. They have road blocks down here often. You show them your license and proof of insurance and you are good to go. If there is maybe 4 cars out there, then that is a plain old fashioned check. If they got 15-20 cars out there, they are looking for somebody. I have never been asked about a weapon or permit. I have a handgun with me more often than not. You need to show the leos respect. Down here, if you come off with a smart attitude. You are going to have a bad day. We got some really young police here. I show them the same respect that I do the older ones. I am old enough to be their grandpa.
    One day a lady that I worked with called me. Her Jeep had died. The battery had went bad. The only way that I could position my truck to jump her off was to have the butt of my truck sticking out into a busy road. A motorcycle cop pulled up beside me and asked what the problem was. After explaining, he called for backup. A city black and white pulled up behind her. The motorcycle cop parked his bike in the lane that my truck was sticking out into. He diverted traffic away from me. They stayed there till we got the jeep going. Don’t break any laws and show respect and you will be ok. Respect will keep you out of trouble a lot of times. You join the service and fail to salute a female officer
    and you won’t fail to salute from then on. OMG, a butt chewing don’t even come close to describing the ordeal that you are fixing to go through.

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