Level Headed Hoosiers?

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    I graduated from IU a few years back and one of the last classes I took was an Indiana History class. One of the discussions that came up was how level-headed and contemplative Hoosiers are when it comes to pop culture, or any national trend. Some other states consider Indiana “slow” as a result of this but it’s saved us some embarrassment and dollars in the past. An example would be, say, a certain fashion which becomes popular in New York, quickly spreading to Chicago and then Las Angeles in say one to six months. Folks in Indiana, however, may sit on this latest fashion and not adopt it until the fashion statement shows staying power and a bit more practicality. Hoosiers also don’t seem to be very prone to social uprising or violent protests like other states or cities, such as when a sports team wins a national championship (as rare as that can be, here), or when the government does something we don’t really like. It’s not that we don’t protest, but it’s not like we flip cars and set fires.

    So, I would question; how would this translate into Indiana’s take on prepping and survivalism? I recently re-watched the episodes of Doomsday Preppers (for entertainment purposes only), and kept thinking that “most” of those people wouldn’t be so dramatic or extreme if they were from IN. It seems to me that Hoosiers DO prep, but we tend to prep more for more regional or local events, such as blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes, etc… or am I wrong? Are there more IN doomsday preppers worried about, and prepping or, the typical sky-is-falling events, such as financial collapse, Yellowstone eruption, wide spread terror attacks,… but those Hoosier preppers are more quiet, hidden, and secretive?

    Chime in, please. Are you prepping for something more apocalyptic or something more local or weather related? Please no judging here, either, and the question does not have intention of being judgemental… there’s legitimacy in prepping for such things, but I am curious as to why we don’t hear more about Indiana preppers facing concerns for more global events or prepping for long-term disasters.




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