List of Alaska CERT’s

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    Name of Program: Valdez CERT
    Geographic Area: Valdez
    Point of Contact: Robert G Rountree
    Title: LEPC Chairman
    Phone Number: 9078353645
    E-mail address:">
    Brief Description: To provide the organization, training and support to the Valdez, Alaska community emergency response teams.

    Name of Program: Juneau CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
    Geographic Area: City and Borough of Juneau
    Point of Contact: Nick Meacher
    Title: n/a
    Phone Number: 9077963322
    E-mail address:
    Website address:
    Brief Description: Working with the police departments. We are working to establish existing neighborhood watch programs to promote the CERT training. Also, to use CERT in office complexes and companies in large buildings. New class starts in January 2003.

    Name of Program: Kenai Peninsula Borough Citizen Corps Program
    Geographic Area: Kenai Peninsula Borough
    Point of Contact: Glenda Landua
    Title: Kenai Peninsula Borough Citizen Corps Coordinator
    Phone Number: 9072622098
    E-mail address:
    Website address:
    Brief Description: Volunteer training for local community preparedness: Communities of the Kenai Peninsula Borough are spread across more than 25,000 square miles and are at risk for wildfire, flooding, high winds, blizzard, extreme cold, volcanic activity, earthquake and tsunami. Community Emergency Response Teams are valuable to our communities, many of which are remote. Our goal regarding the CERT program is to establish, support and utilize CERTs in each community and residential area of the Kenai Peninsula.

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