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    Hello All

    I’m located in Central Massachusetts. I’d like to get a discussion started and see if preppers on this forum see a need for reliable, simple and economical to run generators.

    A few years back I didn’t know what prepping was. When I first heard about it I was sure the “uniform” of a prepper required a tin foil hat. The initial “Hello Hey Wake Up” was in the middle of winter when we had a storm and lost power for 8 days. We didn’t have a generator. We had no light, no heat, no cooking, no water and lost all our frozen food. What we did have were lots of excuses from the power company. That was a real slap in the face that you can’t depend on anyone but yourself. That got my attention. Since, I’ve watched the corruption and chaos in Washington and Wall St. destroy this country, my country, and prepping began to make more and more sense every day. I guess I woke up. Looking around I don’t even recognize my country anymore. Sometimes all I can do is cry for it. Nobody has any respect or simple decency about anything anymore it seems. What happened to respect for your neighbors, respect for your elders, respect for your teachers, respect for your church??? Even in my own little two stoplight town we now have regular power failures and had our first armed home invasion just 2 days before Christmas. In my state a bunch of illegals were flown, yes flown up from the southern border by our so called “leadership”. One of the 25 year old High School students infected several school employees with TB. Yup TB, thanks to our “Commander in Grief”. Borders wide open, drugs everywhere, common core, family values under attack at every turn. Decent people every day being thrown under the bus by and for the criminals. I’m not sure there is much else we can do but prep at this point. I’m grateful forums like this one exist so I can learn and perhaps share with other folks who are also waking up to the tragedy of Amerika. Thank you all for allowing me to participate and hopefully contribute.

    One of the things I felt was vital was a nice quiet and super reliable generator for long term and low profile use. Something that can be fixed in place with simple tools and can be run on lots of different fuels, including homemade bio-diesel. Something that’s cheaper than solar and more portable if I have to “relocate”. I have primary and back-up diesel generators now but they are loud and more complicated that they need to be. Something simple and super reliable that you can just load in the back of the truck if you have to move. Something that you can just turn a crank to start. What seems to fit the bill are “Listeroids”. They are diesel engines of an old British design that have been around since the 1920’s.

    So I started researching about a year ago. I spoke to a great many folks and suppliers, both here in the US and in India where most of the castings come from. I’m an electrical engineer by training so I used those skills to come up with a reliable and scalable system to meet the needs of on-grid homes like mine or off-grid homesteads. The basic requirements were:

    1) Multi-Fuel capable. A diesel cycle engine.
    2) Simple to maintain. The Lister Engine Clone (Listeroid) design has been around and operating all over the world for about 100 years.
    3) Reliable. Listeroids have an MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) of nominally 50,000 hrs. In contrast a standard 3,600 rpm air-cooled gasoline generator engine, has an MTBF of only about 500Hrs.
    4) Low fuel consumption. Listeroids are low speed engines (650 – 1,000 rpms) with indirect injection, so they can scavenge more heat from the fuel than faster direct injection diesels. They are the most efficient diesel engines ever built. Rough fuel consumptions of about 1 pint per KW/ hr can be expected.
    5) Easy to maintain and repair in place. With only a couple of exceptions where special tools are needed and available, Listeroids can be maintained and repaired in place with simple hand tools.
    6) Can be started either electrically or by hand crank. The Listeroids I chose are delivered with hand cranks and electric starters.
    7) Integral cooling systems. The Listeroid I chose comes with a radiator and water pump for stand-alone operation. Standard Listeroids require a separate cooling system be built.
    8) Ready to start producing power. I spec’d and I’m testing a power head kitted for the Listeroid. A 4 pole 1,800 RPM alternator with custom PolyV belt & pulley and a custom monitoring control panel with frequency meter and current meters for each phase and neutral to ensure the system is balanced, is specified.
    9) Ready to mount on concrete slab. Delivered with a custom frame designed for the Listeroids and the alternator package.

    I put all this together and have been testing it for months. The engine is sweet and stable. It just PUP,PUP,PUPs away at 1,000 rpms. After a while you hardly even hear it, hour after hour. I just got the control panel and I’ll be load testing for clean current and frequency stability shortly. I attached a picture of where I am so far, below. The lumber and wheels I built just to move it around my shop. The control panel would be mounted adjacent to the actual generator, most likely in a shed.

    [attachment=1:1phvpw5q]Off_set_1.jpg[/attachment:1phvpw5q] [attachment=0:1phvpw5q]Control_Panel_1.jpg[/attachment:1phvpw5q]

    This is going to be my backup power supply. It is a 10Hp engine with a 7.5Kw alternator that can produce about 6 Kw continuously. That is enough to provide basic electrical service to a home. Not everything like A/C inclusive but the basics indefinitely.
    I have also specified 4 additional configurations; 6Hp/4Kw for recharging batteries at an off-grid homestead, 12Hp/7.5Kw for a home with some A/C, 16Hp/10Kw for a home with A/C and electric cooking and finally 20Hp/12Kw for a home with outbuildings.

    This seems like something other preppers like me would want? So I open it up to the community?? I’d like to start building these kits up if folks other than me see value??

    Thoughts and comments from the community??

    Best Regards & God Bless

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