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    im new to this site, currently living in OKC. my wife works in OKC now but might have an option to be transferred to wichita kansas (i am a stay at home dad, disabled vet). my question, i am looking to buy and build a house, preferably 10+ acres. ideally it would be close to half way between okc and wichita she would have the same commute if she was transferred or not. we have 2 kids, so a decent school system is a must (or at least the best school district we can find, and i can supplement teaching. my daughter has been ahead of her grade level since pre-K) im scatter brained so i jump between topics…back to what i am looking for, 10+ acres (preferably 20) so i can build my house, have a few animals, a pretty big garden (im thinking maybe an acres worth, but not too much thought has gone into this yet) and primarily a defensive advantage if SHTF. i have a small group of people i trust that will come and another small group that has their own post in another state that will come if they need to.

    i am looking for the best area (town or otherwise) close to halfway between okc and wichita for a defensive land terrain to build a compound.

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