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    I’m in Oklahoma and am interested in finding a group of individuals to start a community in a rural area. Would like to live in a self sustaining and in a manner that I can survive the coming economic collapse of the US. I have no debt, many tools and a good start on the needed supplies to make the transition as well as the capital to succeed. I’m looking for like minded individuals and families. I so often read people defining themselves as Christian, as the main attribute first. I don’t care about a persons religion only their charter and actions. I consider spirituality important but a personal matter aside from building a community based on common needs and security. I have skills in horticulture, soil science, system design and repair, creativeness, firearms training, chemistry, first aid, and I’m a solid good person. As many I have an aged mother in assisted living so trips to Oklahoma City would be needed as long as possible.

    The land I have in mind would be near water on the property, have a decent soil profile or the goal of the group to install the needed infrastructure for intensive growing either through raised beds or green houses, I say this because I realize much of Oklahoma doesn’t have great soil. Land with good wood would also be a big plus.

    I would love to hear from any like minded people.

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