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    We are relocating to the Portland area later this year, and while we are searching for an appropriate property, we would like to connect with some others who may be looking to form a small community. We have been prepping for some years already, but as we will be new to this area, we would like to seek out a few families in the area, up to 1 hour from Portland. If there are any families who would like to add to their SOC, we would love to hear from you.

    About us:

    Craig & Sidonie, 2 teens (ds&dd), 11 adult children no longer at home, so now just a family of 4 in the household. Our others are spread all over the globe! We are moving from our 46 ac sustainable farm, in the Ozarks, where we raise Scottish Highland cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, and angora rabbits. Sid has an art studio on site and works there part-time. We also have a 100×100 garden and a 10×70 greenhouse. We raise food year-round, forage our land for fruits, herbs, roots, and nuts. I am a hand-spinner, knitter, weaver, seamstress, organic granola-head, make my own medicines, cook everything from scratch, and eat mostly a Paleo diet. Craig is a welder, metalworker, auto-body tech, mechanic, carpenter, and can build just about anything out of wood, metal, or stone. He is also very weapons saavy. We are veteran homeschoolers also. If you think you may know of any who might like to connect with us, we are interested in getting to know them, and buying our land in the same geographical area. We will be building a hybrid of the earth-bermed home and the earthship… and will be bring “some” of our livestock with us.

    Feel free to email us personally at dreamspinnerstudio at yahoo dot com…

    looking forward to meeting you all!

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