looking to start a group in yuma

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    hello everyone, i wanted to post this in hopes if maybe getting a group together to share knowledge/experience to better our chances of survival in a bad situation. i recently posted something on another thread and someone made it clear that i wasnt welcome.

    its been awhile since ive been on this site. anyway, in my little group at least half is former military. marines mostly. i was a generator mech and taught close quarters. it was only 1 class since i got out after my second deployment to iraq. i know pretty much most of the dirt roads all the way to quartzite/ blythe. im sure i could get to the sierras where i used to live with minnimal pavement. i hunt, fish, love long distance shooting (past 600 yds).
    one of my buddies was a water purification guy and a marksmanship coach (in the marines). now hes a mechanic , and a damn good one. his wife is a nurse.
    i know alot of old cabins which have wells out in the desert that still pump water into big storage tanks. just thought i would share…

    so hopefully nobody will think im bragging and like i said, im looking to share knowledge and experience. if anyone is interested, feel free to reply.
    also, if anyone is interested, we may be doing some long distance shooting somewhere if you want to meet us out there. if you have a high power rifle bring it along, i’ll make you a range card for your rifle…


    Hey Are you still on this forum?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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