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    I am not kidding. If it gets thrown away, it is totally useless. My mother had a metal cabinet. She got a bigger one. I am going to put a stronger hasp on it and anchor it to the garage’s concrete floor with 4 large concrete screws. It has 2 doors that open up and each has a lock but the locks are high up on the doors. You could bend the door back pretty easy. I am going to mount a strong hasp in the middle just below the handles. My garage is separate from the house. It has 3 car stalls. The stalls are open but have a roof over them. There are 2 huge storage rooms separated by a wall and each have a strong locking door. The metal cabinet will be against the wall in one of the stalls. I am thinking about having this guy wall up the far stall and put up screen wire and a storm door. That way I can put a picnic table with benches in there. We could have room to put a few comfortable chairs in there. The door and screen wire would keep the bugs and flies out. I hate bugs.

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