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    Hello all

    My wife and I have both found ourselves retired early (she from line of duty injury as a Police Officer, me medically from the Army). We are still able to do a lot if we are smart about it, she is better at that than I. We have a 10 year old son whom we homeschool. We have purchased some land in Northern Nevada; we want to build a homestead where we can be significantly self-reliant.

    I understand a lot of work must be done by licensed people; septic fields, PV wiring, and well drilling to name a few. I am willing and able to do most of the work, but would need parts done by or at least parts signed off by people with the proper license. Does anyone know of anyone with these licenses who will help out the owner-builder? I want to do things correctly, but I need to save as much money as possible and I want to get my hands on as much as possible when building our new home. Access to the property is already taken care of, we just need to build an “acceptable” road for the permits to be issued.

    Right now we live in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey, and we want to start building as soon as possible. We love Nevada and can’t wait to be permanent residents.

    I am sure I will be bothering you all with a lot more questions soon.


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