Luckily part of our way of life is saving money

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    i don’t like loans or being in debt so we strive to remain as debt free as possible and right now we are with the exception of our mortgage .. which we are paying off as fast as we can

    in may my beloved oldsmobile silhouette got totaled .. a guy in an oncoming pickup thought it would be a good idea to make a sudden left turn across my path as i went through a green light.. took out most of my front drivers side .. thankfully he didn’t try to play any games and admitted full fault right away..

    so i went through all that mess and finally got my check.. but you know how that goes not enough to replace my van not really… and that was a great van never a single problem with it what a champ.. i always said the guys building it must of been having their best day that day…

    so with the check and a chunk of money pulled out of savings i got a new/used 2012 van.. so far so good but it was sure money we were not intending on spending.. i really wanted to get at least another 100k miles or more on my oldsmobile… but such is life

    at least we don’t have to make any payments or deal with a bank or any of that mess

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