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    Ive been prepping for half a year now, i dehydrate, and store about 10 pounds a week and have hidden caches all over my part in Montana, Im saying this because what good is it if something happened to have all of this for your self, and no one to help defend it? im looking to form a Group for people in the surrounding areas of Missoula. It doesnt have to be one of those meet up every week type things, but i would like to know some of the other dedicated preppers of missoula so that we might be able to combine our plans for something better if need be, As of right now im self reliant on power (solar energry) and im always Practicing building gadgets, (AC/DC generator, alternator windmill ect.) im knowledgeable in food storage and own several Guns, I want to surround my self with people who are learning new things and are dedicated to prepping as i am

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