Makin’ Rasins…

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    … or is that “Raisin’ Makings”?

    Anyway, over on the Preparedness General Discussions, there’s a thread (“Got another opinion question“) about growing grapes. Sbsion posted the following comment:

    @sbsion wrote:

    first thing ya gotta know, they don’t produce the first year, second, ya gotta trim them to get best production, AFTER you chose the variety for your climate………….then, you can make wine 😉

    I then asked THIS question:

    This may be a little off topic (amazing how many of the subjects on this forum relate to other subjects, making it difficult to stay “on topic”), but here goes:

    Is there anything special you need to do to the grapes to prep them for becoming raisins? Has anyone tried dehydrating them?

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