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    i have been tasked to produce a good light first aid kit for our camp out this year. i have so many ideas and types of bags that i want to do. based on the general members lack of in depth medical skill (no offense) i think i need to keep it to a basic first aid pack. kinda hard though ya know lol.

    my kit has iv fluids and all kind of other goodies but what i was tasked for was a good general purpose first aid kit for the bob/72 hour kit that can be put together from the store/dollar store etc for the cheapest possible.

    kinda like beating a dead horse here but ???? any ideas from the other medical peeps. i might just bring one of each of my kits and then go to the dollar store and keep reciepts and put together a whole new kit like that, one that everyone can use and maybe ill write up a direction sheet to go what is in the kit. hrm…

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