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    Good evening all,
    I haven’t posted a whole lot as of late but just thought to come here because I had a few minutes before dinner prep starts.
    I’ve chewed over and chewed over this idea.
    Anyone think of a neat money making idea on the side if/when the shtf? Something you could do now and later could still apply. I use the later could still apply because in my book things like Mary Kay, Amway or whatever don’t work when the shtf simply because first and foremost who is going to want to buy makeup? Or whatever. But also how would you get said products to sell if everything is broken down?
    So I guess then it all goes down to skills? But then what kind of skills would you/could you use to generate income? I’m a gardener (almost Master Gardener in Alaska, just need to do my volunteer hours) and I’m very good at preserving. I use that for barter for meat currently.
    I also raise my own meat rabbits. My son and I are going to start to learn how to tan the hides so we can sell them. I’m pretty adept at foraging for wild mushrooms, wild edibles, etc. I knit but now a days I don’t have as much time as my 9-5 job and then the HOA responsibilities I have and then the everyday family life consume most of my time. Anyone have any ideas?
    So thoughts?


    I bought a piece of property 3 years ago it was 5plus acres ,while clearing it my wife made a suggestion that surprised me but turned out to be a gold mine in my own yard her suggestion was to sell the mesquite wood that we were burning as trash I started cutting it up and bringing it to town in my truck well I was surprised that after putting a small add in craigslist I started to sell all I could cut and did not have to deliver it either the first year I made 3500 dollars and I wasn’t even trying so this is my side line job I have years more to cut and sell as well as stockpile for myself .sgt mike

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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