March 22nd 2011 Town Hall Meeting on Emergency Preparedness

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    On March 22nd Representative Kymberly Pine held a Town Hall meeting on emergency preparedness for the residents of Ewa Beach addressing the community’s emergency preparedness plan. Unfortunately I was unable to make this very important meeting due to my work schedule despite not living in Ewa Beach I find it to be very valueable to have been there. There were many experts in the fields of emergency mangement giving informational presentations. If you would like to have your representative in your area hold a Town Hall meeting regarding emergency/ disaster preparedness plans and information do contact them. It does not matter where you live on any island disasters have no preference. What does matter is your level of preparedness and how to react when a disaster strikes especially when there are no emergency responders when you need them the most before, during, and after 72-hours.

    You want to be prepared for anything and you also want your community to be prepared as well. The more people that are prepared the lesser the burden on community’s, family’s, emergency responders. Just imagine, what if after 72-hours no one has come to help? All emergency systems and responders have been spread so thin that it may take days, weeks, or maybe even months before anyone would get to you. What would you do? How will you cope? The key here is to be self-reliant and self sufficient in all that you do. Things are bad out there in our world and from the likes of it, it ain’t gonna get any better before it gets worse. How bad? No one can really say, but I can say this much. Take a look around, in the news globally, nationally. Look at the weather and disasters that are happening more frequently than usual, does not this say or at least slap you in the face to wake up these days and stay wide awake?

    Only you can decide for yourself and the safety and well being of your friends and family members no one can do the work for you. Being prepared is a responsibility to be taken seriously and not lightly we are all living in unstable times. All the signs are out there telling and showing you all something. I don’t know about you but it prompts me to be prepared 24-7 on a continuous basis. We are on an island folks that should say it all to be prepared moreso than ever!

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