Massive CME

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    What would you expect in the event of a massive CME event, that would most likely plunge the world into total darkness? With no nation having any type of superiority over another. What do you think would happen here, you know this happened back in 1858, killed all power around the world.

    Would our government be quick to suppress the people? Would they set-up military stations around the country, using their hardened vehicles and equipment? Would they set-up help centers for the people or try to subdue them and remove their arms?

    On one hand the government tells our citizens to store up a three week supply of reserve food and meds, but then turn around and write new laws giving them the right to take those food stores for the betterment of the people, to distribute as needed.

    What Say You? What would you say would happen. Would they see this as an opportunity to subjugate the people, or would they try and help. Would local authorities be of benefit or of oppression? Would their be a war between our government and the people?

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