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    Started the new thread.

    My Dad came home from the hospital yesterday. Not sure how he’s doing as he’s keeping his condition secret. He is old school and explained over and over again that the doctors were wrong about all his medical problems and he knows a lot more than them. He says all their machines are not really monitoring anything, it’s just to make people think the doctors are doing something, so they can get more money out of people. He only has 25% heart function, so his prognosis isn’t good anyway. We are concerned that he has refused care, but that is his right, so we have to go with it. 🙁

    Husband is mowing the lawn today – yep, Spring is here.

    We are on call for a neighbor who is having minor surgery, to either bring them home or go take care of their animals should complications arise.

    I should probably go get some sewing done…




    Sounds like your father is living on the river “De Nile” (denial.) And yes, if he is refusing care, there really isn’t anything you can do about it. Still sucks, though.

    Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



    Could be one of three things. It could be that he just doesn’t want to tell you, or face up to it himself.
    Or, it actually is right that he knows enough to know they are just milking him, and not really doing anything. (At his stage in life, that is not uncommon.)
    Or, it could be that he has taken the same frame of mind as Oliver Cromwell, at the end of his life:

    Oliver Cromwell (1599 – 1658) was a descendant of Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex and minister to Henry VIII. Had he died at 40, Cromwell would now be forgotten and there would be no entry for him here. However, soon after that birthday he rose to become the most powerful figure in British revolutionary history and, after the forces at his disposal had deposed King Charles I, Cromwell became Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland.

    His final words, spoken on being offered a drink on the day of his death, were:

    It is not my design to drink or to sleep, but my design is to make what haste I can to be gone.
    Source: The Letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell with Elucidations, Thomas Carlyle, 1904.



    Thanks Ice and TRex. I think you are both right. Denial, and just doesn’t want to tell anyone. He has a lot of mental issues, so it’s not easy.

    I decided to sew today and although I’ve not done much, I finished 1/4 of a commissioned project – a child’s chef’s hat. Next up is the child apron, and then the matching apron and chef’s hat for the adult. 🙂



    Since it was STILL to windy (gusts up to 45 MPH) to do much of anything outside again today, went up the road to another town to see a lady about some pigs. Saw on the local “farm and garden” site that she has 2 litters of the breed that I have been searching for. So, made arrangements to get a young boar out of one litter, and a gilt out of the other., once they’re weaned. Best part, is she’s willing to do a barter arrangement, so cost to me will be minimal (mainly in setting up their pen and housing.)

    Another step closer…



    trying to work the new website



    Oh yay me!!!! I got a post to stick.
    Wandered the yard today and collect wild greens for a fried rice supper. Couldn’t find fat bacon leaves so I defrosted a small package. Onions garlic and asparagus from the garden. Had to flavor up the flavorless minute rice from the night before.



    I finished the latest commission. I am hoping that this new sewing business takes off. So far, I’ve made my return on investment, but need to make a few more with the leftover fabrics to go into the profit-making part. 🙂

    So today:

    Sewed 2 chefs hats
    Sewed 2 aprons

    Husband and I have been able to walk the dogs for 2 weeks straight now…my pants fit better all of a sudden!



    Ok, just found this.

    I am getting my new canner, bought 50 pounds of popcorn, don’t Laugh
    I make cornbread from it and of course popcorn. Cornmeal after so long will get bugs in it and like wheat this will keep for a long long time. And it was only $.43 a pound. I put it in food safe buckets.

    Someone gave hubs this really old gas cook stove, its not real big is light green and darker green, very basic. I intend to use the new canner on it, its to big for my kitchen stove.

    I have 25 pounds of sugar, 25 pounds of rice, bucket with more sugar. 50 pounds of wheat and lots of other items. Today buying 20 pounds of salt if they have it in bags. If we got to where we could not get more food basics this stuff would not last all that long.

    I think our biggest problem will be inflation, not enough money going in to cover basic needs of the country so borrowing is going to go up and up. And with tariffs everything is going to go up. So right now a hedge against rising prices is my main concern. Hope it will be my only one.

    Next year I am raising my plants from seed, I’m going today and see if I can find tomato plants cheaper then $3.78 each!!!! Holy Cow!


    I just scored on 6 Cherokee Purple Tomato plants $1.00 ea , also planted corn and green beans yesterday with the help of my daughter and maybe future son-in-law. lol



    Mixed up another batch of goat/cow feed. Got hardware cloth attached to one side (20 ft worth) and the front of the first chicken run.(on the side where the mice try to come in.) Already had hardware cloth on the back side of the run. When I do the other side of the run, it will be on the side that adjoins to the next run.



    I made one commissioned apron last night and cut out the other, but had to wash the cloth I’m using for lining because our black cat decided to lay on the white muslin and got hair all over it! I’ll finish the other apron in about 5 minutes.

    I’m still not sure if this apron making business is the real deal. As I mentioned, I’ve made my return on investment…I guess I’m finding it hard to believe so many people really wear aprons – never seen anyone except waitresses in them. Of course, I’m not in most people’s homes when they are cooking, so who knows!

    I wear an old apron when I cook for a crowd, but otherwise, I don’t tend to unless I know I’m cooking something messy. I’m not knocking it – I guess I’m just bemused to find a market!

    We took the neighbor out and about yesterday. She had surgery on her arm and needed some easy-to-make foodstuffs. Later today, Husband will make his killer lasagne for her (she loves it) so she won’t starve for a few days. 🙂 She takes care of my animals when we have to leave the house for longer than 8 hours, so we return the favor. I know I beat this subject to death, but building good relationships with neighbors really helps when there are problems.

    We had a wild thunderstorm with lightning last night. It’s not daylight yet, so I’m not sure if there’s any damage, but it was raining in sheets, I hope it didn’t wash out my raised bed gardens and the bean and potato seedlings. Husband planted a variety of veggies in the ground next to the raised beds…hoping they survived the rain beating.



    Before we left this morning for grocery shopping and garage sales, I sewed up a commissioned tote bag (one of two).

    Grocery shopping:
    Restocked what we used

    Yard sales:
    1 bag of fabric that netted me about 8-10 yards of fabric – $2



    Finished getting the greenhouse put together. Still need to caulk all the spots where the panels meet the frame (this is NOT something the instructions say to do, but we have found that by using silicone caulk on all the “joins”, the greenhouse stands up to our high winds MUCH better) and stake it down on the inside, then start moving in my shelving, pots storage cabinet, etc. Also need to re-do the sides of the doors (darn translated from Chinese instructions!)



    I spent the day with plants. Transplanting. While Husband mowed the yard and cleaned the leaves out of our driveway pipe, I transplanted all the seedlings.

    Parsley, basil, sage, oregano, mint, chocolate mint, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and strawberries are all in their containers.

    Then it was time to move the tropical plants outdoors. I moved both hoya carnosas, the aloe vera, and the angelwing begonia to the front porch, where they are shaded for most of the spring and summer.

    The lemon tree and the orange tree were moved to their spot on the back porch.

    The coffee plant is the only one that stays indoors – it doesn’t like direct sun.

    Husband will transplant the tulip poplar tomorrow.

    In between all this moving, I also cleaned house.

    I did finish sewing the table runner, the placemats, and the napkins that will be going to a local consignment shop. As soon as my Mom saw them she wanted them, so I will be making another set. Still have more that will go with the set, but I’ll finish that stuff in the next few days.

    I’m beat.

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